Seville, Spain

Hello All,

My amigos and I took a train to Seville, a city 2 hours from Cadiz, Spain.  We had a bad habit of packing our bags and leaving the ship without knowing where we would sleep.   At 12:30 a.m. we still had nowhere to stay because there was a bullfight being held in Seville.  Luckily the Spanish keep late hours so the gelato (ice cream) shops were open.  We wandered around with our gelato until we were able to secure a hotel.

The next day we hiked the Cathedral of Seville which didn’t have stairs but 35 ramps which lead to the top.  It is the largest cathedral in Spain and the third largest cathedral in the world by the standard of square footage.  Several of the pictures below are taken from the heights of the cathedral.

Tawnie Goodwin