6th Grade Travelers

6th GradersLast week I spoke to about sixty sixth graders at Maryetta Elementary School about my trip to South America during my Semester at Sea adventure!  In this picture I was telling the kids a story about when my friends and I stayed in a riverboat on the Amazon River.  We had caught a crocodile on a late night outing and our guide brought it back for us to play with.  They were a great group of kids.  We had fun!

Around the World in 80 Words

Nothing forms a better picture of where you see yourself in the world better than travel.   Alice Shi Kemble, another wordpress blogger, posted Five Words which inspired me to document my travels in the same way.  (http://aliceshikembel.wordpress.com/2013/07/24/five-words/)  Below are 5 words and 3 pictures which describe each country I visited.

Tawnie Goodwin

NOVA SCOTIA     Fish and Chips, Lighthouse, Boardwalk   

Halifax, Nova Scotia 113Halifax, Nova Scotia 080Halifax, Nova Scotia 116

IRELAND     Bold Colors, Irish Accent, Galway

527511_4585576527237_924313564_nIpad 042Ipad 101

ENGLAND     Big Ben, Tailored, Tube, Tea

London, England 189London, England 249IMG_0346

BELGIUM     Architecture, Two Hour Breakfast, Chocolate

BelgiumAntwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 103Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 104

FRANCE     La Siene, Croissant, Street Art

Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 210Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 209Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 195

GERMANY     Sausage, Window Flowers, Friendly People 

 Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 125Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 134Antwerp, Belgium  Munich, Germany  Paris, France 151

PORTUGAL     Tile Art, Portuguese, Beach Climate

Lisbon, Portugal 050Lisbon, Portugal 161Lisbon, Portugal 008

SPAIN     Smells, Salsa Dancing, Flamenco, Spice

Cadiz, Spain 013Cadiz, Spain 343Cadiz, Spain 049

ITALY     Gelato, Cinque Terra, Bella Lingua

Buon Giorno 370Buon Giorno 091Buon Giorno 391

GHANA     Obamaland, Street Venders, Basket Balancing

Tema, Ghana 035Tema, Ghana 177Argentina and Uruguay 563

SOUTH AFRICA     Vibrant, Colorful, Safari, European Influence

Capetown, South Africa 130Argentina and Uruguay 1097Capetown, South Africa 045

ARGENTINA     Theatrical, Beef, Antique, Gaucho Ranch

Argentina and Uruguay 1396Argentina and Uruguay 1502Argentina and Uruguay 1598

URUGUAY     Simplistic, Slow, Warm, Beach, Spanish

1Argentina and Uruguay 1738Argentina and Uruguay 1769

BRAZIL     Favela, Amazon, Rio, Collective, Humid

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 084Manaus, Brazil 375Manaus, Brazil 398

DOMINICA     Warm, Snorkeling, Vegetation, Hot Springs

Dominica 051IMG_6461Dominica 008

HOME     Personal Space, Home, Freedom, Burgers 

Back on the Ranch 264Miami, Florida 053Back on the Ranch 230

Costs of Eating Healthy: Eating Organic Part 2

As I stated before, upfront costs associated with proper nutrition are monetary of course, and time; in contrast,  I will argue that eating unhealthy can also be pricey.  My opinion stands that it is more profitable and even more convenient to pay the price for good health in the grocery store.  Neglecting the body by consuming of chemicals and pesticides can lead to cancer or other abnormalities of the body.

But it is so expensive!  A large contributor to increased expense in the market is the consumption of empty calories.  Empty calories are found in foods like soda pop, chips and candy bars.  These foods have large amounts of calories (a measuring stick for food energy) but no substantial vitamins or minerals.  If we are not feeding our bodies the nutrients they are begging for our bodies will continuously ask for food.  This lack of satiety, or constant state of hunger, leaves us reaching for another round of potato chips.  The cycle of eating empty calories supports one of the many theories making clear that junk food is a staple which contributes to obesity.

Below are a few tips that I use to cut the costs in the marketplace.

1.  Buy in bulk.  Bulk foods are generally cheaper.  Time can be saved as well by cooking in bulk and storing meals in portion size containers to be consumed throughout the week.  No matter if you are single or have a family of five, buying and cooking in bulk is much more efficient.

2.  Swap your proteins.  Try alternating beans or legumes in place of meat for a good quality protein and fiber source.  One large bag of beans is almost 90 cents cheaper per serving than chicken.

3.  Grow a garden.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests 2 hours and 30 minutes of “moderate-intensity aerobic activity” per week for adults.  (CDC, http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/everyone/guidelines/adults.html)  Save money, engage in a family project, and exercise by growing a garden.

Lots to come,

Tawnie Goodwin