I Bought a Wok!

Chicken and Vegetable Stir FryYesterday I bought a wok.  It is a great cooking investment because it speeds the process of cooking healthy making vegetables cooked but crisp in 10 minutes or less.  I love it!  Below is the recipe I experimented with tonight.  It can easily be tweaked to suit your taste buds.

1. Marinate and let set 20 minutes or longer:

4 chicken breasts (sliced in strips),  2 T reduced sodium soy sauce,  4 T cooking sherry,  1/2 tsp crushed red pepper (optional)

2. Chop:

4 C vegetables (I used 1 yellow onion, 1 small cabbage, and 2 bell peppers, and 5 to 10 cloves of garlic.  Mushrooms and green onions are great too!)

3. Heat on medium high:

     2 T peanut or sunflower seed oil and 1 T ground or minced ginger

4.  Add chicken and cook until barely pink

5.  Add vegetables

6.  Mix in a small bowl:

     1/2 C reduced sodium chicken stock,  2 T cornstarch,  2 T sugar or honey,  2 T reduced sodium soy sauce

7.  Add sauce to the stir fry and serve immediately with brown rice or without.  This is a great, low carb recipe with numerous health benefits.

Chocolate Whip Oatmeal

Chocolate Whip Oatmeal
With only 4 grams of added sugar, slow digesting oatmeal, and 9 grams of protein this is a great way to start your morning.

Ingredients Include: 1 cup cooked oats, 1 egg white, 1 tsp sugar or honey, 2 tsp sugar-free dark chocolate powder, and ground cinnamon

Directions:  Make meringue by whipping 1 egg white.  After the egg white begins to form, add 1/4 tsp of sugar and 2 tsp of dark chocolate powder to the egg white and keep mixing on high until the mixture is completely formed.  Fold the egg white mixture along with 3/4 tsp of sugar into the oatmeal.  Sprinkle cinnamon on top to help stabilize blood sugar levels and extend the bold taste.

Tip:  Switch it up by adding bananas, coconut, peanut butter, or nuts.

Nutritional facts:  Calories~ 200, Fat- 0 gr, Carbohydrates- 33 gr, Protein- 9 gr