One Day in Lisbon, Portugal

Good Thursday Afternoon!

These photos represent only one day of my adventures in Portugal.  The town we visited, Lisbon (Lisboa), is the capital of Portugal and is the largest city in the country.  The city’s stacked homes were tucked between the hills and reside just off the ocean.  My friends and I walked aimlessly through the streets finding ourselves at food markets and coffee shops for snacks, coffee, and lunch.  These shops are locally owned and open mainly for older gentlemen reading the morning paper and women shopping for their evening meal preparations.  Pay close attention to the tile art in the pictures.

Enjoy your day,

Tawnie Goodwin



3 thoughts on “One Day in Lisbon, Portugal

    1. Thank you all for your comments! Yes, this picture was taken near the square in Lisbon. It took us about 3 hours to walk from the place our ship docked to the square. We did waste a lot of time weaving through the residential housing to get to the square. From my experiences, the wonderful thing about the Portuguese culture was the extent to which it was removed from the rest of Europe. The people didn’t speak English and the landscape was in congruence with how I imagine it looked hundreds of years ago. I suspect it will need a face lift soon because of housing structure and plumbing; however, the lack of reconstruction is what makes the town so unique and charming. I would definitely add Lisbon to the top of your bucket list.

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