Cape Town, South Africa

Hi all,

My adventures in South Africa began the third week of October, the same week I turned 22.  I haven’t been to Disneyland but I imagine the cultural expression in South Africa could match the environment.  In fact, it might have been overwhelming if it were not diluted by the angelic scenery.

My time was spent on a safari, roofing a house with Habitat for Humanity, and EATING.  The food was clean and fresh.  Spices were used to season meals as opposed to salts and fats.  In my opinion the food was perfect.

I learned to use caution before attaching labels to any population.  Almost every local citizen I came into contact with had assumptions about Americans.  These assumptions were positive and negative and were often based upon someone that person met years ago.  I caught myself attempting to make the same types of assumptions.  I have found the truth to be that people are people everywhere, and they are generally good.

Tawnie Goodwin



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